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don't · blink...

everyone's watching

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from the moment you shared your breath with me
you stabbed this knife in so deep
"Keep breathing," you said as you twisted it further
"You'll be fine so long as it stays." and it stayed.

But the noise from the others, it summoned for you.
reminded you who I was and what I can't be.
you have to abandon this tainted goddess
for social standings are more important….
"No one can see her."
and you kissed my forehead and left me bleeding on the floor.

I have reached out a thousand times.
simple distractions leave you apathetic to my cries.
and I am stagnant.
and forgetting to breathe...
bleeding the breaths out with a single whisper,
"Let me breathe you."
and you turn away from me.

but maybe if I couldn't still see your eyes…
those eyes…
leaving wouldn't be so hard.
forgetting wouldn't be so impossible.
this sky rains tears down and my wound it burns for you.
but I am just another, the blanketed backseat to your life.
and you could forget.
i could be fine….
but you were right.
this knife must stay.
and it stays.
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The Ocean<3--Mae
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